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Student and staff each year construct and agree upon the Code of School Behaviour.  


The Code is based upon four Principles: Respect, Safe and Legal, Responsibility and Participation.



  • Be polite and kind to our school community

  • We have a zero tolerance for bullying

  • Remember to accept people as they are and respect diversity

  • Avoid using offensive language - remember to code switch

  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated

  • Wear appropriate clothes at school

  • Have respect for yourself

  • Yelling is unacceptable

  • Respect other people’s opinions, personal space and belongings

  • Care for the buildings and equipment

  • Respect other students, school staff, volunteers, Corp staff and visitors

  • Keep hands and feet to ourselves

  • Care for others

  • Be aware of how people may be feeling

  • Clean up any mess and keep your work spaces tidy

  • Give everyone a chance to talk

  • Try to actively listen when staff and visitors are speaking


Safe and Legal

  • Everyone should feel safe at school – speak up if you do not feel safe

  • Don't come to school under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Discard any sharp or unsafe objects property

  • Avoid smoking on school site

  • No alcohol or illegal drugs to be brought into school

  • No harassment, intimidation, emotional or physical abuse towards any students, staff, volunteers or visitors

  • Do not bring anything to school that could cause harm to other students, staff, volunteers, visitors



  • Be responsible for your own work, actions and choices

  • Help pack up your stuff at the end of the day

  • Do your best to attend school every day

  • Try your best in your work and meet the deadlines

  • Ask for help if you need it

  • Take the breaks at the appropriate times and be back in class on time for each session

  • Help others to clean up your work areas

  • Put your rubbish in the bin

  • Avoid spitting



  • Come to school

  • Try to participate in all activities you are comfortable with – “give it a go”

  • Try your hardest in all school activities (in and out of the classroom)


Students who are not valuing the four principles of the program will be asked to leave school for the  day or until
they are in a headspace for learning and engaging. 


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